5 Benefits of Hiring a Digital Marketing Company


 Facebook Marketing, Blog Writing, Pinterest Marketing, Video Marketing; how hard can it be?  As a business owner, there is no denying that you have a ton on your plate.  Your staff is good at what you hired them to do, but social media marketing is not their game.  Hiring a digital marketing company allows you to focus on your business and spend your advertising dollars wisely.

1. Digital Marketing is Complicated

Where Do You Start: Facebook marketing, search engine marketing, PPC or video marketing?  How are your ad-writing skills?  Do you have knowledge of design software, like Photoshop?  Can you afford expensive photo editing software?  How about your website?  Do you know how to update it with new content that coincides with your marketing efforts? 

Social Media Marketing Companies in Nebraska

A digital marketing company has multiple people who have the skillsets necessary to play the social media marketing game, among other digital marketing platforms.  Some business owners might think posting to their Facebook page is the fun and easy part of their day.  This is not fun or easy.  There is actual strategy involved to generate success, and only dedicated social media marketers stay informed of new algorithms and updates.  Just because someone you know has a Facebook account and has lots of followers, this person does not qualify as a Facebook marketing expert!  Hire a professional.  It will be the best money you have ever spent.


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2. Staff Changes Will Not Affect Your Marketing

Your payroll will change throughout the life of your business, but this should have no effect on marketing.  If Susie Secretary setup your Facebook page using her Gmail account and did not write down her password, good luck getting that when it is time to let her go!  Since Facebook has strict rules about shutting down a page you do not have access to, this also opens the door for possible unsavory actions taken by a disgruntled employee.  No matter what happens within your business, a professionally run marketing campaign will continue with no hiccups.


3. Get the Best ROI with a Professional Company

A digital marketer will make sure that your money is invested the best way, using the most effective strategies.  If you or an employee is running the marketing, it gets tough to keep track of what you have marketed and how much you have spent.  In addition, the unfamiliarity of the marketing game will take so much of your time that it will not be worth the cost savings. 

Successful Facebook Marketing - Norfolk, NebraskaBy hiring a marketing company, you sign a contract which protects you as well as your marketer.  A marketing contract allows you to know exactly what you will get, for a specific period of time, and the cost never waivers.  Speaking of return on investment (ROI), if you have always advertised using traditional methods, such as newspaper ads, it is time to move your advertising online.  The majority of the population has replaced reading a newspaper or listening to the radio with digital media.  In order to maximize your marketing dollars, you must be where the people are – which is online!


4. Maintain a Healthy Distance from Your Marketing

Business owners tend to be a little biased towards their products and services.  Say your restaurant offers an outdoor patio, which you do not personally care for so you do not feel it is necessary to market.  Little do you know, potential customers are Googling ‘restaurant with outdoor patio’ because it is finally over 65° and they want to dine outside.  This is the type of information a professional marketing company is in tune with.  An unbiased point of view allows a marketing campaign to effectively speak to all consumers. 


5. You Have No Time

Digital Marketing for Business - Norfolk, NERunning a business leaves little time for unfamiliar tasks.  Digital marketing is all about consistency.  When your plate gets overloaded, say during back-to-school time, your marketing efforts may take a hit.  Once you lose momentum, it is tough to gain it back.  A marketing company will visit with you to learn about your goals and take the wheel.  Regular reports keep you up-to-date on marketing performance and inform you of what will happen next.


In closing, hiring a digital marketing company is a smart move for a newbie business owner as well as a veteran entrepreneur.  Knowing when to hire a professional is vital in the digital marketing game.  In addition to web design and hosting, Power Pages offers Pinterest and Facebook Marketing, SEO Management, Website Management, Blog Writing, PPC Advertising (pay-per-click) and more.  We will learn about your business and your goals, allowing us to plan and execute a digital marketing strategy that will bring your business more success. 


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Posted on: September 25, 2017
Last modified on: September 26, 2017

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