LandAlert - The New, Easier Way To Shop For Land

LandAlert Is the New Way to Shop for Land

Are you in the market to purchase land for sale? Have you been searching online and waiting for the next newspaper to be delivered in hopes of finding that perfect property or land listing, but find yourself wasting a lot of time? is coming to the rescue. You will no longer need to spend your valuable time searching for land for sale, rent or auction because LandAlert will do it for you! is a new website that is a little different than your typical land for sale site. You Simply Enter in what type of Land you are interested in: the geographic location, how many acres, etc. and when it becomes available, a message will be sent to your phone or email. It is that simple! Signing up for LandAlert is 100% free and it is so easy! It takes less than 21 seconds to subscribe! The Subscription is customizable and can be canceled at any time.

Unlike similar websites such as LandWatch, you may catch yourself searching through hundreds of property listings that you are uninterested in and before you know it you just spent an hour looking through land that is useless to you. Why go through the hassle of wasting time and energy? Land listings on are categorized by sections, township, range, county, state and also by amount of acres. Narrowing down the search options increases the chances of finding your perfect land listing.

The best part is LandAlert not only monitors local land for sale but all land all across the United States! If you are interested in relocating, you simply need to enter your desired region, and the amount of land you are searching for. Participating agents or brokers across the United States will continually upload new land listings. If a newly listed property falls within the specifications that you designated at registration, a text or email is sent out and informs you that LandAlert has a prospective land listing that is available for you!

Interested in joining LandAlert? Check out their website at to sign up TODAY!


Posted on: March 22, 2017
Last modified on: March 22, 2017

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