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Meat for Sale in Nebraska

If you are searching for drug-free Nebraska beef for sale, check out Wright Beef of Inman, Nebraska. Located in North Central Nebraska, Wright Beef is owned by George and Sandy Wright. The cattle business is definitely this couple’s forte! They have been involved in the farm and ranch business nearly their entire lives. George is a third generation ranch and cattleman. The Wrights do not produce your average corn-fed beef. Their ranch direct beef is a little more unique. By crossing the Angus breed with the Wagyu breed of cattle, they are able to produce top of the line, American Style Kobe Beef. As tender as it is delicious, you will never have to stress over the quality of meat for sale at Wright Beef.

Hormone and Steroid Free Beef

The controversy of whether or not you should implant your cattle with steroid hormone drugs continues. George and Sandy believe that by not adding hormones and steroids to their beef, they are improving the quality of their meat for sale. They want their consumers to receive the best quality beef as possible. Hormones in meat has been said to increase the risk of cancer and other health problems in humans. The Wrights stand firmly on remaining hormone and steroid free.

Buy Beef in Bulk

Wright Beef offers three options to purchase their Angus/Wagyu beef. Customers can purchase a split half; also known as a quarter, or a side of beef, or the whole beef. These meat packages have different specifications, however. For instance, if you are getting a split half, rather than getting either the front half or the back half of a side, they evenly split the amount of beef so that their customers get a combination of the entire side. For more information about pricing, buying their American Style Kobe Beef or any other questions, be sure to stay tuned for their all new website coming soon! You can also check out their Facebook Page!

Wright Beef

Posted on: March 13, 2017
Last modified on: June 6, 2017

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