Emerson Manufacturing

Emerson Manufacturing in Pender, NE is a family owned and operated company specializing in producing superior truck shop service equipment. From Air Hydraulic Jacks to Cylinder Locks, everything is 100% made in the USA. Our quality Air Jacks are designed to lift with speed while also safely locking into place and work well for lifting trailers, tractors and other various equipment for tire and brake maintenance. Emerson understands that technicians have limited space to work in at times and that’s why our Locks come in various sizes that fit on one single wheel cart making storage a snap. Our Transmission Jacks have refined aerodynamics to account for new truck design changes and limited workspaces. While most cylinder locks are permanently attached once in use, Emerson’s can be removed and reused for various purposes. Your heavy duty equipment needs a heavy duty jack. Visit their website today and learn all about them!

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